What are Magnetic Lashes?

Women want fuller, longer eyelashes, and that’s why they try all the solutions on the market that include lash extensions, curling methods, and growth serums. However, the best solution to the problem is false eyelashes. The latest innovation in the beauty industry is magnetic eyelashes. 


In the past, adhesive glue secures the false eyelashes in place. Magnetic lashes secure to the lash line and each other with the use of small magnets. The magnets lock together to secure the false eyelashes along the lash line. The magnets are tiny and are invisible. When shopping for magnetic lashes look for ones with strong magnets.


It is simple to apply magnetic lashes. While each product on the market is different, they do come with instructions on the package. More often than not, you should first trim your eyelash so that the magnetic lashes will fit naturally with your lash line. You should also apply mascara to provide more grip.


Then place the upper magnetic lash on top of your lash line. Then get the other magnetic lash and place it below the natural lash line. The magnets will lock the two pieces together and sandwich your natural lashes.


To remove magnetic lashes, all you need to do is to pull the two magnetic lashes apart by lifting the top part up and pulling the other part down. You can also slide the bottom and top magnets away from each other.


When looking for magnetic lashes, you should buy ones that are reusable. You should also consider the material used and the price. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider buying magnetic lashes that use human hair. Synthetic lashes might irritate your skin. While magnetic lashes are more convenient than glue-on eyelashes, there is a slight learning curve. You should do some practice runs first before you use them for an important event.  

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