7 reasons why Benedict and Sophie got married

If you thought that Sherlock Holmes will stay single forever, you are wrong. Of course, there is no real Sherlock Holmes, but the actor known for this role, Benedict Cumberbatch, married his girlfriend Sophie Hunted. The ceremony was small and private, so there are no photos or too much information. Just after a few days after the wedding, people started talking why these two got married. Here are 7 reasons:

1. Sophie got married with a Sherlock Holmes. He is much appreciated and one of the most famous TV character.
2. Benedict announced that he love Sophie, and that he appreciate this marriage.
3. Benedict’s sister, Tracy Peacock announced that Benedict had many problems it the past with girls. It was hard for him to maintain a serious relationship. I assume he found a right woman for a relationship now.
4. Sophie speaks French and Italian. I am wondering, which language Benedict like more?
5. Benedict announced that he is a fantastic lover. Maybe this is the main reason why Sophie married him.
6. They have different opinions about sports. Benedict doesn’t like any kind of sports, on the other side, Sophie like swimming, jogging and golf. Maybe this doesn’t sound as a real reason, but differences can be a reason for love as well.
7. And the main reason why these two got married, is of course their baby. Actually, any couple who get married after a woman is pregnant, is doing this for this reason. If they wanted to get married, they would do that before pregnancy.


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