Applying Bronzer For a Great Glow

Bronzer is the latest in the arsenal of makeup products designed to make our faces look so much better than they currently do.

Bronzer’s purpose is to give a “sun-kissed” appearance to your skin, and also to make it look slightly tanned and glowing. The right kind of bronzer can have an absolutely stunning effect, so make sure to pick a shade that really complements your skin. Experiment until you’re happy, including choosing between cream and powder bronzer.
Applying bronzer is pretty simple, although quite different from how you’d apply other things like blush. After prepping your skin with primer and foundation, or whatever else you’d like to use as a base, take some bronzing powder and using a large face or blush brush, apply the bronzer carefully to areas where there would normally be a lot of sun exposure. So for instance, you need to apply it to your forehead, which is obviously touched by the sun, and to the curve of your cheeks near the jaw line. The sides of the nose also benefit from bronzer being applied to them, as does the chin.

Be very sure to blend in the bronzer with the skin so that it doesn’t stand out so much. Using a larger brush tends to avoid clumping which is why you should use a big brush. Finally you can finish off by gently dusting your neck and ears to create a seamless appearance. If you’re wearing a dress that will expose the shoulders, then they too should brushed lightly with bronzer to give an overall tanned or sun kissed look. Use in addition to blush and highlighter to give your face a full contouring and a sculpted appearance.

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