Beauty Is Not A Novel Phenomenon---The Craze To Be Beautiful Has Been A Part Of All Civilizations

Beauty products and beauty tools have been found in graves of women buried thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. There are even elaborate beauty prescriptions written by contemporary influential women. The Egyptians were certainly the masters when it comes to getting rid of fine line and wrinkles from the face, and they did it in their own typical way.

Egyptian queens are known to have their own secret prescriptions to a beautiful skin. This was a time when the citizen at the lowest rung of social hierarchy had access to olive-oil in order to take good care of their skin and hair. The famous queen Cleopatra is even believed to have penned a book detailing her secrets on how to get a beautiful and radiant skin. Egyptians are known to have discovered secrets to get rid of wrinkles, stretch-marks and even scars. Cleopatra is believed to have used a face-pack made from crocodile dung and donkey's milk.

But beauty secrets could never remain confined to the Egyptian civilization. The ancient Greeks took the use of honey and olive-oil in their cosmetics. A mixture of white lead and olive-oil was used to brighten up the skin.

The Britishers looked up to their ideal in the Queen, Queen Elizabeth when it came to looking good. The latter was considered as a symbol of beauty. Contemporary women did whatever they could to be like their monarch. They went to all extents to get the pale and clear complexion of the queen.

They rubbed their faces with raw egg whites in the belief of the colour of the skin identifying with the white. They took to consuming arsenic to lend a white glow to their skin. 


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