How to get your foundation on like a pro

Foundations have come a long way – we don’t have to bear that mask like cakey stuff our moms wore around. The modern Foundation is very light weight and simple – even feels like a moisturizer.
Also, Foundation is the secret ingredient that helps celebs sport the flawless skin everywhere. They can make your skin look flawless too.
First, to find out the color that matches you the most, try a shade on the jaw line in the bright daylight. If you wore a sweep of Foundation and it mingled to your skin right away without blending, it is the perfect shade that matches your skin color. Others should not be able to notice that you are running about with a swatch test of a Foundation on your face.

Wait for five minutes after you clean and moisturize your skin to apply the Foundation. Moisturizers need to sink in.

You can skip your primer if you want your makeup to last a few hours. Primer would make it last though all night. Primers mortify your face while minimize pores and so are a quick fix for lazy days.

For a moderate coverage, using your fingers is the best choice. Sponges are for heavy coverage. Dab an extra on pimples, redness and for even skin tone.

If you pick a shade lighter than your skin color, then it would double up as a concealer too. Use luminous powder for a perfect finish. Translucent powders reflect light and help skin glow. Other powders would make you look matted out. Dust your whole face with the powder to get a celeb perfect foundation.

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