How to Look as Glamorous As Celebrities

It is very easy to spot a celebrity and instantly know that he or she is from the screens. This is done effortlessly by them but how can we achieve this glam avatar. Here are few simple steps to look as glamorous as them:

Oversized sunglasses: As one would feel it is a very minor addition to the whole look but trust me this is what does the magic. Celebrities are generally wearing these to hide their dark circles or puffy eyes or sometimes to avoid paparazzi. We can simply dawn the shades to stylishly avoid the sun and probably make few heads turn.

An informal top notch bun with few loose strands of hair carefully hanging over your face is a well kept secret. This can save you on a bad hair day without much effort and also make you look like a diva at the same time. Never keep your hair too tidy to achieve this look. Purposely unkempt braids, buns or ponytails are in trend.

Dress casually in a track pant and tee for travelling purposes. That is not only comfortable but also chic. Although here the brand does matter, to leak a little secret Bebe track pants are the favorite among Indian celebrities. 

An oversized not so stuffed bag, a very basic make up or probably leaving your skin untouched if it allows so, a dash of lip gloss or lip balm and a pair of elegant heels for a casual shopping trip or movies does the magic to make you look ultra glamorous.


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