Popular hairstyles for this week

With weather, you must change your hairstyles. They will give you a new look and you will be noticed in the society. A good thing with some hairstyles is that they can be used even in the fall. Even then, they will look fabulous. 

Beachy and Bohemian is the beast beachy look. Because of it, it is the best hairstyle if you go on a holiday this week. 
1.    Part your hair. Then, curl it with a curling iron (1 inch).
2.    Gather all of your hair above your ear and pull it back. Use a bobby pin to secure it. The pin is back, so you hide bobby pin under your hair.
3.    Break your curls with your fingers.
4.    Apply finishing spray. If you want, you can apply shine spray.
This hairstyle looks best on women with a layered haircut. Hair should be medium to fine. Also, this hairstyle suit best on women with any face shape.
Magically Middle Parted is the hairstyle that promotes your middle part.
1.    Use rat tail or regular tail comb to part your hair.
2.    Make your hair smooth while you are blowing it dry. Use a round brush.
3.    You can use a flat iron if you want to straighten your hair even more.
4.    Apply shine spray and you are done.
If you have a curly or wavy hair, you will need extra work in order to get a beautiful sleek finish. But, only women with round face shape should wear this hairstyle. The recommended product is Shimmer Shine (Kevin Murphy). It will add that gorgeous sheen. Spray it in your hands and then apply it to the ends.


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