The Psychoanalysis of Perceiving Beauty

The perception of beauty is entirely dependent on the mindset of a particular individual. Therefore, it is quite a difficult task to understand the psychoanalysis of the perception of beauty on a general level since it varies greatly from one individual to another. The appeal of beauty is very much in sync with the personal preferences. It is a common observation that people tend to repeating doing and visiting things that appeal to them aesthetically on a personal level. The things that are considered beautiful have an inherent sense of natural harmony.

On a tangible perception, proportion and symmetry are the key factors to have an aesthetically pleasing effect on all of our senses. It is the proportion and symmetry found in the ancient structures like the Pyramids that make them one of the most beautiful creations of humankind. The perfect symphony of the notes makes music pleasurable to our ears. The precise blend of ingredients makes food appetizing, which in other words constitute the beauty of food. 

The underlying concept of beauty is not confined within the stretches of proportion and symmetry. It has emerged to gather a holistic view to perceive beauty. Even though each and every petal of a rose is beautiful on its own, however, by the dictates of convention, rose as a whole is considered beautiful. The other factors that help to perceive beauty on a general level include charm and innocence. Cultural backdrop backed up by social norms also tends to have a say in the perception of beauty.

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