What men look for in a girlfriend

If you think that men want a funny, sexy and smart women, you are right. But, they are looking for much more.

According to several surveys, men like other virtues in women. Some of them want a girl who is willing to try new things. Girls who don’t want to try something new, and to share experiences are boring, and often aren't desirable by men. According to the mentioned survey, men think that relationship is about sharing and making new experiences together!

In the same survey, a significant number of men said that they look for a girl who will be there for them when they have a tough week at work or some other problem. They want to see that women on their soccer matches and cheer for them!

Men also like women who have confidence. According to one man from the survey, woman who knows how great she is, is much more desirable than women who thinks she doesn't worth. For women without a confidence, men must spend hours telling her that she is beautiful and worth their time. But after time, some men start asking theirself is that women really worth! At the same time is important that the girl is who she really is! Pretending can only reject men.

In addition, many men like girls who are adventurous in bed. Having the same kind of sex every night is boring, so experimenting and using new techniques can be useful for your relationship. Basically, these were the virtues that men want to see on women. Of course, not a single woman can have all of them, but only one virtue is enough.

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