John Stamos and his tale of drunk driving

John Phillip Stamos or more commonly John Stamos is a very frequent name in any common American household. He is famous for his role of Jesse Katsopolis in the sitcom show named Full House. Apart from being an actor, he is a renowned musician as well. His other acting credits can be listed in the series named ER, which was a medical drama, where he played the role of Dr. Tony Gates. Besides, he has also given high-end performance in series like Bye Bye Birdie, Necessary Roughness, etc. His current project is a comedy named ‘Grandfathered’.
Stamos has been ardent advocate of philanthropy and charity. He has been involved in many such projects, most of which are inclined towards providing aid and help to those families who are suffering numerous hardships. The other charitable projects he is involved includes Restoration project in New York and Cancer foundation. He has been the spokesperson on national level for the Project Cuddle. However, he had been in the news for bad reasons.

The police in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles had received several calls on possible drunk driving case on June 12, 2015. Upon investigation, it had been revealed that, it was John Stamos, who was driving under influence. The police after stopping his car took him to the famous Cedars-Sinai hospital for first aid and checkups. Nonetheless, he was released later. His schedule to appear in front of the court is due in September 2015. Stamos profusely thanked the medical centre staff for taking good care of him.


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