Audrey Middleton Is To Reveal Details Of Her Journey From Being Adam To Audrey On Big Boss

The first transgender guest for the US version of Big Brother is in the news already when they made a formal announcement towards taking a step towards this adventure in the 17th season of the TV reality show which is already a hit among the public. Audrey Middleton is to be a part of the show. Middleton's transgender status is no longer a secret. She doesn't plan to keep it a secret beyond the first premier night.

Excitement has already gripped the fraternity in the studios as the 25-year-old transgender plans to introduce herself as a transgender on the very first night they are scheduled to meet. Middleton has given a brief of herself how she went from being a pizza delivery boy to an MMA ring girl. Although it is not mentioned on her bio that she is a transgender, she doesn’t intend to keep it a secret.

Julie Chen, the hostess of the show, says she expects people watch the episode with an open mind. A lot of compassion is required to be observed towards people of the transgender community.

Middleton is to use the stage and opportunity as a way of spreading awareness about the transgender community in the US. The show has a past history of being a bit antagonistic towards people with  a different racist and sexist orientation, but Middleton seems to be prepared to face all that with open arms.

There is a huge amount of money as $500,000 are reserve for the winner of the reality show.


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