Beyonce’s Spotted In New York Standing Apart From The Crowd But Without Her Husband And Daughter

The T-shirt and jeans the celebrity  had put on while she was in New York City made her body curves appear all the more sexy and appealing. The tennis shoes she had on her feet completed the perfection initiated by her long hair, while her eyes looked out from behind a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The beauty queen was seen without being chaperoned by her husband, Shawn Carter or even her daughter, Blue Ivy.

It went on to be one of the world's best selling group of girls. Her fame and popularity as a solo artist was established in 2003 with her album, Dangerously in Love. 

Over 11 million copies of the album were sold all over the world, which brought in the Grammy Awards for Beyonce. She has a tally of 20 Awards to her credit. With a tally of 52, she stands out as the woman nominated the most number of times in the history of Grammy Awards.

The immense popularity of the celebrity saw her through a number of endorsements. She was the one to bag a deal of $50 million when the marketing agency of Pepsi approached her. When it came to funding a reconstruction project for those displaced in Hurricane Katrina, that wrecked havoc in 2005, she brought in $250,000.

She keeps herself busy with the clothing line, House of Dereon, she and her mother are involved in. Beyonce has brought out a typical fragrance, Heat. She has been a model and representative for several popular brands like L'Oreal.



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