Fans Pay Big Bucks for Kanye West’s Leftover Food

While Kanye West is currently under pressure from some citizens of the United Kingdom who want to have him removed from the Glastonbury festival, he still has fans that are devoted enough to spend their money on some of his leftovers. That’s right, Refinery 29 user, cocoacushi is selling food that was allegedly left behind by West after a meal at a Nando’s location in London, during a February visit. He attended the fast food restaurant on February 25th before the Brit Awards in order to surprise fans by jumping on tables.

When he left, this fan apparently collected his leftover food items and made the decision to sell them. Since cocoacushi has opened the auction, which include a used napkin, french fry holder and a little bit of food, there have been nearly fifty bids on the item. The top bidder is currently offering almost thirty thousand dollars. While there is no actual evidence that West has touched these items, these fans are not hesitating to make their bids. As a matter of fact, and auction for a bag of air that was supposedly breathed by West at a show in 2015 has had bids on it higher than sixty thousand dollars.


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