Here's Why Prince George Will Be the Best Big Brother in History

With the royal baby coming soon, many ask themselves how will Prince George treat his new brother or sister. There are several reasons to be positive – firstly, George is incredibly gentle with animals. He has his dog Lupo which he adores, and is constantly surrounded by animals. Given he shows such kindness to animals, we have no doubt that he will be the same to his little sibling, who is eagerly awaited.

When it comes to public appearance, Prince George has proved that he is incredibly photogenic. In addition, he is privileged to be a jetsetter for the rest of his life. No doubt he will introduce his new coming sister or brother to the world of glamour, paparazzi and fame.   

Even though he is very young, Prince George has received some iconic toys from Kenya, New Zealand and numerous other countries. What better hand-me-downs can a baby inherit than George’s? No doubt there will be some deals like “You do the dishes for a week in exchange for XY”, but it is probably worth the effort.

If prudent enough, George will teach his sibling to use the power they will probably be given. George was born weighing 8.6 lbs, which is quite a lot and exhumes power by default. And lastly, there is the relationship advice; George will be able to advise his brother or sister about how to handle relationships because even at his young age, many people approach his parents with prospective princesses.

Photo Attribution: tsaiproject


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