Jodi Arias Sentenced to Life in Jail for Murdering Her Boyfriend

Woman who was convicted of killing her boyfriend was given a sentence of life in jail without the possibility of parole. Jodi Arias, 34, escaped execution because members of the jury were split 11 to 1, with the majority being in favor of the death penalty. Due to lack of unanimous accord the judge declared a mistrial, thereby diminishing the possibility of Arias getting executed. The duty of pronouncing sentence was then shifted to Judge Sherry Stephens who had to decide whether Arias would be sentenced to jail for life or life term with the possibility of parole in 25 years.

A jury convicted Arias in 2013 for the brutal murder of her partner Travis Alexander. All through the trials she insisted on her theory that she acted in self-defense. Arias said: “When I was on the stand, I told the truth”. She said that after she stabbed her boyfriend in the throat, he was still attacking her. Alexander’s body was discovered in a shower, in his home in the Phoenix area in 2008. Not only was his throat cut, he was also stabbed almost 30 times and was shot in the face.

Arias’ attorneys tried to represent her as being frequently emotionally and physically abused. Alexander’s family urged the judge to sentence her to life without the possibility of parole. Most of his family described what they were going through because of the tragedy. They said that what took place in the bathroom was “butchering”. Arias apologized to Alexander’s family and said she cannot believe she was capable of doing something like that.


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