Kim Kardashian’s Hair Could Be Fake

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian shocked the world this week by showing off her new bleach blonde hair while in France for Paris Fashion Week. However, an insider told Radar Online that her hair could very well be a wig.

The insider said they could tell Kim’s new hair is fake because the part in her hair is perfect and would be difficult to get it to look that way otherwise. They also added that pictures always depict the front of her head, making the blonde hair look natural.

“The first top quarter of her hair in the front is bleached, but the rest isn’t,” said the insider. “It’s bleached on the top and sides – and the rest is a wig.”

According to InTouch, this is the first time Kim has tricked the public into thinking she dyed her natural brown hair. Last summer, she posted a photo on various social media sites of her new blonde look saying, “It’sbaaaaack!!!!” Only to say later that she was only sporting a wig even though it did look very real.

The insider continued to tell Radar Online that Kim probably pulled the hair stunt again to gain some attention while on her trip to Paris, probably to steal some attention from her sister Kendall Jenner who is modeling in Paris Fashion Week.

“It’s a trick when talent doesn’t want to ruin their whole head of hair,” said the source. “It’s all an illusion, like her life. She wanted to figure out a way to get a lot of attention in Paris. She’s always trying to steal the spotlight.”

Kim and her family star in the reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on E!.


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