One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Wants A Baby Boy, Here Is Why

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has not been able to hide his joy to the news that he is bound to be a farther. Despite the fact that he hasn’t come out publicly so as to address the story surrounding him and the possibility that he is going to a be a father, her band mates and her mother have both indicated that the singer is indeed going to be a farther very soon. That said, there have been reports about the sex of the child with many stating that Louis Tomlinson wants to have a boy. What hasn’t been confirmed till now is the reason why the One Direction wants Briana Jungwirth, 23, to have a baby boy until now. According to various reports Louis Tomlinson, 23, wants a baby boy because he wants to teach him how he play soccer. How sweet!

“He wants to have a baby boy so that he can one day pass on his soccer skills to his boy,” a source revealed. “When it comes to soccer there is no lie that Louis is a big fan of soccer, he has actually gone and played in a number of charitable soccer games and has also appeared for Doncaster which is his boyhood soccer team. With that in mind, Louis is hoping that he will be able to get a boy and pass on his skills to him.” The source also went on to reveal that Louis Tomlinson is planning on starting early with his kid and as a result he will be buying his kid a ball when he is very young. 


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