Selena Gomez - engaged?

We all know about Selena and Zed’s beautiful relationship and hundreds of fans of the celebrity couple were dreaming of those two even starting a life together. Seeing Selena with a diamond band-ring on her love finger, they we’re all sure their prayers were listened. Surprisingly enough, the ring had nothing to do with her boyfriend.

The ring actually appears to be a secret message to her ex-boyfriend, well known star singer, Justin Bieber, 21. As it seems, Selena is not even close to being over her Bieber Fever. Knowing the attention her wearing a ring on her wedding ring finger, she purposely fired up rumors about a possible engagement. V magazine posted a photoof Selena wearing the controverted ring, along with a diamond ring emoji in their caption, seemingly suggesting that Zedd may have popped the question.

The 22 years old actress and her boyfriend Zac, 25, may form a pair now, but her decision to wear an infinite shaped diamond ring around her finger is sure screaming for some attention. The trick part is…from whom might that be? Fan’s opinions are piled into different matters.

Obviously enough, Selena still wants Justin’s attention. Is this supposed to trigger a wakeup call for Justin? Or maybe Selena is trying to tell him that if he doesn’t act soon enough to get her back, he might lose her to Zedd forever. Perhaps she’s just innocently trying to make Justin jealous of her flawless and hot romance with Zedd!



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