The Shortest Celeb Engagements In Hollywood

Ian Somerhadler, 36, and Nikki Reed, 26, shocked many people after it was revealed that the two secretly tied the knot less than four months after they got engaged, by doing so, they joined a list of celebrities in Hollywood who have been quick to tie the knot with some being very successful in their marriages while others not so lucky.    

Before their engagement and before they even started dating in mid-2014, the two had been friends for many years, months after she had announced that she will be separating with her then husband Paul MDonald. In January 2015, the Vampire Diaries actor popped the question during a wonderful outdoor ceremony.

Kim Kardashian had to make it in this article, back in 2011, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got engaged and three months after that, the two got married in an extravagant wedding held on 20th August 2011. The event was so big and popular that E! Network even dedicated a special about it. But after just 72 days of being married to Humphries, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on 31st October 2011.    

Another Kardashian who also had a short engagement is Khloe Kardashian, back in 2009, together with NBA player Lamar Odom, the two engaged and got married in a period of one month. The two were happy for at least four years until Khloe found out that Lamar, 35, was secretly seeing other women behind her back. They divorced in December in 2013. 

Scarlet Johansson also had a short engagement. Scarlet, 30, and Ryan Reynolds, 38, secretly got married in 2008 after Reynolds had proposed just four months earlier. Unfortunately the two did not last that long as they was trouble in paradise, they ended up separating in December 2010.


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