Tyson Beckford Shared Pics of Him With Karrueche Tran Dissing Chris Brown

Tyson Beckford recently posted a picture of him and Karrueche Tran. Of course, this picture was posted so that Chris Brown could see it in no time. Chris Brown did see it and began to lash out. Some spectators said he looked as if he lost all control. 

Brown then took his anger and placed back on social media. He let out some slang words to Beckford, and then Beckford return with his own set of slang words. Beckford took things a step further. He posted several pictures of himself at a gun range firing rounds. The gun he had been large, so this could have definitely been a threat toward Chris Brown.

Chris Brown then retaliated. Beckford and Tran were in Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas police were watching them so not trouble got started. Chris Brown came onto the scene. He then sent out messages on social media stating that Beckford is a coward because he has to keep the police department around him all day long. 

The public is waiting for another retaliation from Beckford. The public would also like this to end. Many young boys and girls look up to Chris Brown and listen to his music. Parents do not want to see Brown getting mixed up in this type of situation because that symbolizes being a bad role model. 

Everyone in the industry hopes this situation does not lead to violence. In the coming days, there will be individuals from the entertainment industry who will speak to Beckford and Brown. 


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