B.B. King’s daughters call for homicide investigation

The recent death of blues legend B.B. King in Nevada could be investigated as a possible murder as a result of King’s two daughters’ accusations that their father was "infected". However, the lawyer for B.B. King called the case ridiculous and the police claim there was no active murder investigation. Three doctors determined that King was properly cared for and that King received 24-hour treatment and tracking by medical professionals up until he passed away in his sleep. His daughters claim that they were prevented from seeing their father who had actually been placed into hospice treatment at his home. Karen Williams as well as Patty King, 2 of King's daughters, have actually stated that their father was poisoned. "I think my papa was murdered," both women claimed. They are accusing King's business manager, LaVerne Toney, and his personal aide, Myron Johnson, for having intervened in ways that caused their father's death. In answer to the daughters’ complaints, authorities from the US state of Nevada stated they would carry out a homicide investigation into B.B. King's death adding that they currently had authority over King's body. A postmortem examination is to be performed Sunday and will certainly take eight weeks to be processed, yet police continue to claim there is no active homicide investigation, and an attorney for B.B. King's estate has actually dismissed the case.

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