The fifth Indiana Jones film is being planned

Indiana Jones won the hearts of many people around the world and now they are about to be even happier because the fifth Indiana Jones film is in the planning stages. It has been in the mind of the filmmakers for months but now it looks like they are finally going to make it happen. There has been talk of 72 year-old Harrison Ford playing the leading role again but that has not been finalized. It may be hard for Jones’ fans to visualize anyone except Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones. However, a younger actor may be chosen. How much Steven Spielberg and George Lucas will be involved in the movie has not yet been finalized. The cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski, has been approached for the production.

Who else of importance will be involved in the new production of ”Indiana Jones 5” is not that important at this time. What is important is that there will actually be a fifth Indiana Jones in the future. That should be celebrated and it certainly will make millions of people very happy.

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