Emilia Clarke

Why did Emilia Clarke turn down the role in “ Fifty shades of grey “ ?

Maybe you are not a fan of the book or the movie, but what we must acknowledge is that “ Fifty shades of grey “ became a force to be reckoned with, and even though it’s not the best quality in the world, we are pretty sure that a lot of actors would want to participate in this film.
It is obviously not the case with a gorgeous Emilia Clarke since she turned down that offer. When asked about that, she said that it’s because of the nudity and huge amount of it.
What is weird about her statement is that she actually isn’t as shy as it may seem, since she did “ show her flesh “ in the popular fantasy show “ The game of thrones “. So what was the problem then?

Emilia told Marie Claire that she was worried that if she does that, she will not be seen as a versatile actress.
She also added that she really wanted to work with Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director of that movie, and Emilia said that Sam is really awesome and amazing, but she simply didn’t want to be again in a movie with a huge amount of nudity.

The famous actress didn’t want to offend anybody, she just said that even though she was nude in the popular show, she doesn’t want to get stuck in a pigeonhole. 
She also stated that it doesn’t mean that she will never be nude again, it’s only her decision for now.



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