Kim Kardashian Scolds Kylie Jenner, Here Is Why

Not everyone is happy about Kylie Jenner showing off her body and one of these people happen to be her older sister Kim Kardashian and she is not afraid of telling her off.

There is no doubt that 17-year old Kylie Jenner has a nice body and having taking note of that Kylie has been taking every opportunity to show off her body, but according to her big sister Kim, this should stop. Read on to find out why Kim Kardashian wants Kylie to stop “bragging” about her body.

“Kim has told Kylie she better watch what she says about her body because it will come back to bite her in the a**! Kim told her that she used to be like Kylie, never working out and eating junk food but those days are over. Kim wants Kylie to know it takes hard work, exercise, diet and willpower to look as good as she does. Especially in her 30s after having a baby!” Hollywood Life citing an insider reported.

We would advice 17-year old Kylie to take her sisters advice very seriously especially given the fact that Kim still has a rocking body at the age of 34 and after giving birth. There is something good in all this as Kylie is said to be looking at Kim when it comes to how Kim styles up and this might just be reason enough for her to listen to her big sister.

“Kylie takes it all for granted and it sometimes does grate on her sisters’ nerves,” Hollywood Life added. “Especially when she’s bragging about eating pasta and fried chicken while Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are counting calories.”




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