Kris Jenner: ‘I Feel Like Bruce Died’

When Bruce Jenner revealed publicly that he was transitioning into a woman, his ex-wife Khris Jenner showed him s much support but all that seems to have been a moment. In a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” Khris, 59, sobbed the entire time when Bruce visited her so as to explain why he was transitioning, stating that she needs time so as to mourn Bruce and their marriage.

As much as she was sympathetic when the news first broke out we can understand why Khris is devastated, Bruce had kept this a secret from her all this time and we can imagine how tough it might be for Khris. During their encounter she admitted that she misses Bruce adding that it feels as if he died.

“I miss Bruce and that’s going to take me a minute to mourn that relationship. You think you’re going to grow old with someone,” Kris told Bruce. “I have to mourn Bruce Jenner because I miss Bruce, I’ll never be able to have Bruce and all I’ll have are my memories. I feel like Bruce died and it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around that.”

She went on to state that, “You have never explained and every time I asked you why you were so angry, you said I wouldn’t understand,” She said tearfully. “You never said one time it was because of any issues you had.”

As for Bruce, she hopes that Khris will be able to accept his new path.

“I just want to get through this and do the best damn job I can of not hurting anyone and that include you. I would hope you would be on board,” he pleaded with Khris asking her to forgive him.


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