Kylie Jenner Addresses Her Pregnancy Rumors

Over the past couple of days there have been rumors circulating that 17-year old Kylie Jenner is pregnant with 25-year old rapper Tyga’s baby, the reality star was out to set the record straight on Wednesday, and her response was actually straightforward.

Via her Twitter account, Kylie, who is the youngest of the Kardashian-family, confirmed that she is not pregnant neither with Tyga’s or anyone else’s baby. Here is what the 17-year old Tweeted on May the 27th;

“People been thinking I’m pregnant for 8 months now,” she Tweeted her fans adding that, “CLEARLY I’m not pregnant!”

If indeed she was pregnant, which we now know she is not, then she would have probably be giving birth in a few days from now due to the fact that it has been 8 months since her and Tyga opted to hook up.

Also while addressing the pregnancy rumors, Kylie opted to give her two cents regarding made up words, yes people made up words, such as Instagram and her opinion on them is actually very funny. Here are the thoughts of the 17 year old regarding what she terms as “Made up words”;

“Instagram is a made up world. I just show people what I want em to see. Doesn’t everybody?”

With regards to the pregnancy rumors, the reality star went on to state that people should first seat down and think about some of things that they actually write before making them public more so online where it seems news travel way to fast.  


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