Troubled Mariah Carey

 When you think about this singer, first thing that comes to your mind is an amazing voice, with a big range and to be real – worldwide famous singer.
Media have always talked about her talent and success and you could rarely see Mariah involved in any scandal.

Lot of people said that she is arrogant, demanding and conceited, but mostly it was about her personal characteristics, not about anything else.
Until few days ago we heard something totally shocking. Morgan Carey, brother of Mariah Carey said for “The National Enquirer” that he is worried about her and her life.
He opened up and said that Mariah is getting worse each day because she is constantly using drugs and alcohol and that she is surrounded by hypocrites and people who are not honest with her and who are not telling her that what she’s doing may destroy her health and career.

Morgan said that she is not mentally strong enough and that she doesn’t have anyone who can help her.
Even though these two are not communicating for two years, he says that he knows a lot about her life and that she is not capable of taking care of her children and that she often drinks tons of alcohol.

Morgan claims that she did the same during her pregnancy. He added that it all started when she had a nervous breakdown, back in 2001.
“Whenever I was around her, she was always drunk, which is really sad.“ he said. Morgan also said that he thinks that Mariah will end up like Whitney if she continues to act that way.



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