Tyga Wants Kylie Jenner To Continue Flaunting Her Killer Body

25-year rapper Tyga is urging his 17-year old girlfriend Kylie Jenner to continue flaunting her gorgeous body. The remarks by Tyga might just explain what we have been seeing from Kylie Jenner over the last few weeks. Kylie has been actively flaunting her body at every opportunity that she gets and we are guessing that Tyga has had a huge part to play with regards to why she is doing this. That said not everyone is a fan of Kylie exposing her body including some of her family members including Kim Kardashian who scolded the 17-year old about showing off her body.

“Tyga loves Kylie’s rock hard body and encourages her to continue flaunting it all around town and talking about it until she can’t anymore!” Hollywood Life, citing a source close to the pair, reported on Tuesday. The source added that, “He tells her all the time that a body like hers needs to be flaunted and admired.”

It’s not all negative with Tyga, according to the source Tyga is encouraging Kylie to live a healthy life and to do this he always ensures that Kylie does not miss a single meal or even get into eating meals which are bound to mess up with her figure.

“Tyga wants Kylie to feel good about herself and would never, ever, ever tell her what to eat and what not to eat,” the source added.

“As far as he’s concerned, Kylie can eat anything she wants and look immaculate no matter what.”




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