30s more like 20s

Few years or decades ago when you turned 30 people expect certain changes in your life, such as marriage, children, having your own place, career, etc.
Things are different now and it seems like adolescent years have been expanded. And what is even more amazing about that is that women and men feel much more confident about themselves now in their 30s.

Ten, fifteen years ago people were way different, because priorities were different. Women weren’t as ambitious as they are today, and even though some of them finished college, their aspiration wasn’t to have a successful career and be independent.

A lot of women had children at 20, 21 years old, while now women don’t want to become mothers until they turn at least 30 years.
Today when you are in your 30s people will not ask you immediately when you will have children or get married, they are now more interested in your career.
Many experts say that when you turn 31 or 32 it’s the right time for settling down. It’s because they have financial possibilities to afford many things such as house, kids or traveling around the world.

People now want to explore more and are simply more adventurous because today you have so many possibilities and you can do so many things.
Some studies have shown that females have a life expectancy of 93 while for males it is 91, so that’s why young people in their 30s want to have an adventure, because they know they have enough time to do anything they want.

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