A/C Energy Saving Alternatives

Air conditioning is the need. It isn’t a luxury anymore. This means that more people use them now than ever before. All A/C systems have a huge social, ecological and health impact. Also, all of them use electricity, so our energy bills are higher. During the summer, they are even more needed. Luckily, there are many free or affordable alternatives to cool down your home.
•    If you dampen a bandana, drape it around the neck, you can cool down yourself. The body heat will go away with the moisture. Hand and feet are harder to keep damp, but your body isn’t. This is a free alternative.
•    Another free alternative is to have night-time cool showers. If you try to sleep in a warm room, it is impossible. Having a cool shower before you go to bed, will remove the body heat, so you will sleep better. This trick use people who live in areas with hot climates. The same effect can be achieved with ice water. All you need to do is to drink it when you are hot. Beside this will cool you down, it will keep you hydrated.
•    A lot of heat is generated when you cook inside a house. If you have a deck or a big yard (even a terrace is useful) you can cook there. This will reduce the heat in your home.
•    Your home has a lot of heat in the attic. If you use attic fan, you can eliminate this heat, so your home will be much cooler. They are cheap and they can be installed quickly.
•    Much better option is to use a whole house fan. But it is a more expensive alternative.


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