Addiction To Heroin Found To Be More Dominant In Lower Strata Of Society

Those addicted to  prescription opoid painkillers are more likely to fall prey to addiction to heroin and other psychotropic drugs. A large part of those addicted to drugs are fond to be hooked to painkillers too.

Heroin appears as the most popular choice of drug addicts because it is the cheapest. It is often found to be used in combination with other drugs like cocaine  or marijuana.

The point to be noted is that there is a rise in the number of death in the country caused by an overdose of heroin. Most of the people who died are known to have consumed many drugs besides heroin.

The point of concern is that there is no fixed pattern in these causalities. Victims are not from a single social class or income group or even an age group. There are men, women, and children from all over the country from all different races and ages.

Officials at the helm of affairs of health services hold the physicians who prescribe painkillers for chronic back pain or any other pain responsible for the current outbreak. Those who consume painkillers are more likely to abuse drugs.

The ease in availability of painkillers coupled with their being a lot cheaper is responsible for the growing trend in consumption of painkillers. The problem is grave and severe considering that a large part of the addicts got their first dose from physicians. Apparently, physicians fail to understand the long-term consequences of their prescription.

It has been found that those white males between 18 and 25 years of age, particularly those who earn less than $20,000 a year and lack a health insurance are more likely to get hooked to heroin. But an alarming trend to consume heroin was found among females from well-off families between 2002 and 2013.


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