Billionaire’s Doom’s Day Lodge

Nobody can escape death, but to give a try, Robert Vicino, founder and C.E.O of Vivos group has got ready with Vivos Europa One, a luxurious underground edifice which will be shelter for fat cats if the world ends. Purely based on Invitation, the guest families will be provided with an area of 5k sq. feet where each member has their own choice to hire architect as well as home decorator to construct and design of their own choice. Situated in Germany and beneath the earth, it was originally constructed by Soviets during cold war.

Consisting of 22k sq. meter area, it can handle all kinds of blasts, chemical attacks, and natural calamities easily. Digital Climate and ventilation systems will take care of temperature in all underground lodgings. This area boasts its self-generation of power as well as water too! Business can be carried as usual as they will provide space for offices too! Currently, the project is under completion and to buy your piece of land you have to pay $12 Million for your family.


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