Don’t be afraid to do what you love

We all find ourselves at crossroads in our life. We all wonder if we took the right step for deciding on what career we wanted to choose. Yet after all the years you find out that you are lost. You realize that what you wanted to do and what you are doing has no common ground. Well if you ever find yourself in this position, here is what you can do.

1. Go take a hike
The first step in changing what you are doing is to get away from all of it. You can’t really introspect on what you want if you have your boss constantly screaming at you. Take a hiatus from work and just travel or even sit at home.

2. Your Life is not Your Job
Your job is a part of life; it is not your life. Learn understand that you do not owe it your soul. Start doing activities that make you happy. Plan that weekend hiking trip with your friends. Go out camping under the stars and learn to map the sky. Finish that reading list that you have since like a long time. Your life is collective of what you did, not what you earned.

3. Do something Different
If you feel like what you are doing is really cutting into your personal time then don’t be afraid to quit and change your path altogether. You can still choose to pursue a career in what you wanted; you can still be an entrepreneur at any age and build what you dreamed of. In the end it will always be about how you chased your dreams that inspire the people around you. Don’t be afraid to do something unconventional.

4. Multitask
Multitasking is the key to do what you want and also find a way to sustain yourself. Whatever you have learned in your years of working will always help you in some way or another. Remember to trust yourself.


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