Extremes or not?

We live in a world, where we are all influenced every day by some celebrity. There are people who do not pay attention to that, but it's inevitable not to at least read about it.
“Regular” people will change some usual habits when they are not satisfied with something, but the popular ones will do some pretty weird things in order to make some “big " changes.

They don't want to use cosmetics or things similar to that, it is probably too plain for them, they will go to extremes, thinking it's the only way.
For example, two years ago Kim Kardashian did something that completely took us by surprise.
She injected her own blood, because she wanted to improve the skin tonus.

Blood is taken from the hand, and then plasma is being pulled and injected into the face.
Platelets supposedly stimulate collagen production, reducing the risk of premature wrinkles. If you want to do the same thing, it will cost you around 800 euros.
Another shocking thing done by a celebrity was when Victoria and David Beckham, along with Tom Cruise put a mask from bird droppings.

You are mixing droppings from a nightingale, with bran and water. Wow, what a combination.
This will remove dead cells from your skin. Bird droppings are rich in enzymes, and it will clean your skin and make it look brighter.
These are only two examples of maybe “extreme " measures done by celebrities. Is it really necessary or is there any other solution for our skin?


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