Getting A Tan Is Something Quite Natural, But Here Are Some Natural Ways To Get Rid Of It

The skin gets tanned by repeated exposure to the sun. This is a natural reaction of the  skin to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The tan is the skin's mechanism of protecting the skin from damage and harm. While men may wear a tan as a mark of masculinity, it is certainly not desirable for women to have a  tan.
Women who develop a tan due to exposure to the sun do look a lot better if the tan were not there. But the problem is that you don't live your entire life in the sun. When you do move around in social-circles, your tan begins to speak for itself and you  begin to feel ashamed of it. this is when it will help if you got to know of some helpful tips to do away the tan.

One of the ways to get rid of a tan is to scrub the tanned skin with a paste made from a flour of ground gram and water. The tanned and affected area must be in contact with the paste for about 20 minutes before it is washed off using cold water.

Alternatively, prepare a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice. The mixture should be applied all over the tanned skin in an even manner. The tan is sure to go away.

Alternatively, prepare a mixture of turmeric-powder and a tablespoon of milk. Cover the affected area or tanned skin with the mixture. Add some orange-juice to this for best results. Be sure to finish by washing the face in the end.

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