Men And Women Use Wigs All Over The World For Different Reasons

Modern science has pushed in a whole lot of opportunities for improving our looks and appearances. Development of wigs is only one of them. Through the annals of our history, wigs have been used for several different purposes ranging from a way to cover up the loss of natural hair rendered by Mother Nature or some ailment to a cultural or religious observance.
 Wigs are used in the tinsel world and in drama culture to disguise the appearance or change it altogether. Men and women who lose their natural hair in sessions of chemotherapy are sure to find a wig their best friend.

The tradition of using wigs dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used them to protect their shaved heads from the heat of the sun. Wigs were often used over hair too, and beeswax and resin were used as adhesive agents. Wigs became an everyday phenomenon in Jew culture, while the Greeks and Romans soon caught up too.

Wigs came to be used for different purposes by men and women all over the world. The use of wigs among men graduated to their use in formal occasions, and in the 18th century, wigs became associated with some professions. The tradition of using wigs still thrives in the legal profession, where judges and barristers often wear wigs.

The modern era has pushed the use of wigs to conceal baldness or to use them for costume parties or special occasions. Wigs are made of natural hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic fabric has the potential to be done in all possible colors.


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