Rules for men : How to become more stylish ?

We are constantly reading about women style, and what they should wear, how to put their makeup, etc.

Sometimes it is good to give some advice to men too. A lot of men are still wearing the same clothes they wore few years ago.

That is ok if you are under 25, but if you are not, now it's the right time to change it. We assume that it is really hard for a lot of them to give up the boyish style, and become men, but in time you will see how attractive it actually is.

A lot of men make the same mistake - they wear shorts all the time. We are not saying that you should toss it away, but you need to choose when it's the right time to wear it.

If you are taking a walk, or riding a bicycle, or hanging out with your friends, that's ok, but don't wear it if you go on a date, or at work.

Buy a good suit, and be very picky about it. Don't buy a cheap one, because you want to look stylish and elegant, and cheap suits will only spoil it.

Invest your money in a good pair of shoes. It is ok to have sneakers, especially if you are going to the gym, but elegant shoes is a must have.

You will look sophisticated and if you pair them with good jeans and a shirt, you will not make any mistake.


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