The Most Important Things For Fulfilled Life

We all know that if we don’t satisfy our basic needs we cannot survive. Needs such as food, water, shelter and others.
Besides those physical needs we have mental needs that are also very important for us, because we don’t want to just survive, we want to live the best way we can, because we only got one life.
The most important mental needs are:
1. To belong to someone, to be connected with someone, in one word – love
2. Need to be powerful, strong and important
3. Need to be free
4. Need to learn something and of course to have fun
When it comes to belonging, it is in our nature. We are social beings and we spend our entire life alone. We also want to be part of a “group” called family, where you are able to connect with others and to simply love and be loved.
Power is no stranger to people. Almost everyone wants to be powerful, to be important to important people and to simply be appreciated when it comes to your business or any ambition. You cannot neglect that part of your life.
Also freedom is something most of us need. Even though we want to belong to someone, at the same time we need to be free to make our own decisions and to not be limited by others. Belong to someone, yet be free, that’s the key.
It is also very important to learn something new every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s from your school, experiences, people who surround you, it is simply important to always have that need.
And of course you need to have some fun, because after all we cannot enjoy anything unless we add some fun to it.


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