Why you should spend more time outside

We all know that spending time outside is great. We feel better there. But, there are many people who don’t like going outside. They prefer staying at home and watching TV or playing video games. You should know that spending some time in the nature can have many benefits on your mood and well-being. 

We are happier when we are outside. Simple, walking in the nature can make us happier. Also, people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, must rest their eyes. The best way to do this is watching at the green trees and grass. On the other side, we are unhappy when we are indoors. Because a lot of tasks, we don’t have enough free time. But, people who are connected with the nature, can find time for it. Also, they are much happier.

The common illusion is that you must spend a lot of time outside. Actually, you need only 20 minutes. For this, short time, you can relax and rest your mind and body. According to a research, 57% of people in the United States, like spending time outsides, especially summer evenings. On one side, this is a good news. But, 57% isn’t enough. You should try to increase the number. 

69% of people who participate in green activities have higher sense of well-being. These are simple activities, like, gardening and environment conservation. Beside they are good for you, these activities are good for the planet. After all, we must save our planet. We will do a good thing and we will be happier.

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